May 17, 2022
By Reid Hutchison

Global 6K for Water

When you or I get thirsty, we simply go to a faucet and get a drink. We don’t even think about it, and we don’t have to worry that something harmful may be swimming in our glass. Here in the West, ample, safe water is something we take for granted.

We even have enough water to use billions of gallons a year for heating and cooling our buildings, which makes our particular business – industrial water treatment – possible and necessary.

But this is not the norm in many parts of the world. In many African countries, for instance, communities can’t get enough water for drinking or bathing, and the water they do get is often contaminated. This breeds a variety of diseases and health issues, especially for children, and affects hundreds of millions of people every day.

Why are we telling you this? Here’s why: there are efforts underway right now to make a significant dent in the global water crisis. It’s one of those big, perennial human problems, like war or cancer, but with this key difference: we can actually solve it! Maybe even within our lifetime.

The tools, organization, and engineering processes are there and are working, bringing clean water to new communities every month. Now it’s just a matter of multiplying these resources to meet the actual need. Like most things, this starts with having enough funding. 

Back in 2017, HOH began supporting the efforts of World Vision, becoming a sponsor for their Global 6K For Water. Since then, we’ve been able to fund clean water for more than 16,000 people. We’re thrilled about that, and thankful that there are passionate and knowledgeable people out in the field every day doing the hard work – the planning, engineering, well drilling, trenching, pipe laying, and community education that helps bring health and life to people in need. 

World Vision and other organizations like it have made great progress. But the reality is, there are still millions of people, many of them children, who suffer from a lack of clean water. That’s why this year, we’ve extended the invitation to our colleagues throughout the water treatment industry, asking if they’ll join us in supporting the 6K For Water. It’s a natural fit for people like us – after all, it’s a water treater’s job to ensure that people have a reliable source of clean, safe water. Extending that mission to those most in need allows us to give back in a way that’s unclouded by self-interest. 

And honestly, for us at HOH, the Global 6K For Water event has become one of the highlights of our year. It brings us all together, along with family and friends, around a great cause. It’s a fun morning of camaraderie, sunshine (hopefully!), a little exercise, and a chance to celebrate the progress of our friends at World Vision, and the difference they’re making in the lives of so many people.

Water Management Team Worksheet

So if you’re interest is piqued, consider this your official invitation to join us! You can walk or run the 6K right in your own neighborhood, at any time during the upcoming weekend of May 21, 2022. To register or for more information, follow this link:

If you do, we promise you won’t regret it!