water treatment budget constraints
January 10, 2018
By Reid Hutchison

Self-Service Water Treatment May Be Costing You More

water treatment budget constraints

Whether you’re new to property management or have an expanding portfolio of properties with a range of uses for water and equipment, water treatment can be an overwhelming task. With ever-constricting budgets, it’s tempting to keep as many services in-house as possible, assuming while it costs personnel time, it’s cheaper than the alternative, right?  That’s not necessarily true.

Where You’re Not Saving Money

You assume your hourly maintenance worker will be cheaper than hiring out water treatment services to a vendor.  Simply buy the chemicals in bulk and use one-time-use test kits periodically to keep tabs on your main KPIs, right?

The issue is, small test kits may not be as accurate nor as comprehensive as having your water tested in a lab.  You may find that you’re spending more money on wasted chemicals as your well-meaning maintenance crew yo-yos between acidity and alkalinity with excess chemical until it ends up in the right spot.  Not to mention the extra hours spent fine-tuning the balance.

Is Your Equipment Descaled Regularly?

Equipment loses its efficiency as mineral scaling develops.  If you’re not regularly descaling and running a comprehensive water and equipment analysis periodically you may be spending too much on running your equipment, furthermore, the additional wear and tear can lead to equipment failures.

How A Professional Can Save You Money

While you may have talented building maintenance staff, hiring a water treatment professional to assess, recommend, and service your equipment puts an industry expert in your corner.  This professional can identify ways to reduce cost by scheduling regular maintenance intervals, including a complete lab assessment of your water, and demonstrate ways to maximize the efficiency of your existing equipment through adjusting cycles and replacing worn or out of date components.

At HOH, it is our aim to help our clients save both money and water through adopting efficient and sustainable practices, to make water work.  If you’d like more information on our services or to schedule a site visit, contact us today!

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