Manufacturing Plants

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all chemical blend. Our manufacturing plants allow us to design, blend, and deliver the right chemistry for your facility, ensuring your water systems are operating at maximum potential.

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Successful water treatment programs rely on quality chemical blends, but too often, facilities use one-size-fits-all products that fail to deliver. Large water treatment providers may influence facilities into using the products that are most convenient for their manufacturing, and smaller providers have to rely on someone else to do their blending for them.

HOH water treatment programs are centered around your systems’ unique needs, not what’s convenient for us. We can develop custom water treatment products formulated to meet the needs of each specific application. Quality is a top priority, and we achieve our stringent standards while maintaining a competitive price.

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What We Offer

Product Knowledge

You can trust that any question you have about applying our products will be answered, because we’re the ones making them.

Quality Control

We handle the whole process of product formulation, and we stand by the quality of our products.

Product Innovation

As new challenges arise, we have the flexibility to design and manufacture a customized formula to meet those challenges.

Your Next Step

When you schedule a site survey to test your water with our team, one of our water treatment experts will walk through your facility with you to collect system data and water samples. Our lab will then perform a detailed analysis and, based on our findings, we’ll present a custom plan guaranteed to get your water systems operating at maximum potential.

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