Smart Control Solutions for Your Cooling, Heating, and Process Water

Remote Visibility + automated control = Maximum Efficiency

DASH360° is the advanced, smart control solution from HOH that gives you instant visibility into the health of your water. With fully automated remote controls, you can achieve the highest levels of system efficiency and savings.
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Automate Your Water Management

Are you still using manual controls to manage your water quality and usage? If so, you’re essentially flying blind for a period of time every month. If your water chemistry goes south, or equipment fails, it may be days, even weeks before you discover it – with costly damage done and efficiencies lost in the meantime.

A smart controller puts a continuous eye on your water and equipment operation. If an issue arises, you know it immediately and can take corrective action. An HOH Water Quality Engineer also monitors your remote feed, receives auto alerts, and can respond in a matter of hours, not days.


What Is DASH360°?

DASH360° is the automated solution from HOH that uses state-of-the-art smart control technology to give you the highest ROI on the water treatment dollars you spend.
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  • One or more smart control units for 24/7 monitoring of your water
  • Control panel with sensors, pumps, and modem
  • Remote dashboard for real-time water quality metrics
  • Ability to adjust chemical feed rates remotely
  • Auto alerts to keep you (and us) ahead of the curve should any water chemistry or equipment issues arise
  • Regular performance reporting
  • Expert tech support and training

How Does DASH360° Work?

Your smart control panel includes a number of specialized sensors that continuously measure the quality of your water, including conductivity and pH. The central control unit then sends these real-time readings to your remote dashboard along with water usage data, allowing you to see key metrics at any time, from any place.

Autofeed controls allow you or your HOH Water Quality Engineer to make treatment adjustments on the fly right from their remote device.

With auto alerts to flag you when levels rise or dip out of range, you’ve got a complete, easy-to-use solution for keeping your water in optimal condition, helping you use less water, less energy, less time and attention while extending the life of your costly recirculating systems.


Is Money leaving your facility Through Your Water System?

Every day, thousands of gallons of water are flowing through and out of your building. If your water chemistry is less than ideal, it could be taking your money with it.

Scale. Biofilm. Bacteria. Corrosion. As these things build up, the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems go down. So does the lifespan of your equipment.

Can you identify the areas in your building that are the biggest drain on your dollars?
Smart controllers for commercial water management

See Your Water Clearly With DASH360°

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