Closed Loop Water Care

Get the Most from Your Closed-Loop Water Systems

Don't Take Chances! We can build a customized closed-loop water management program that ensures your system is working at its most efficient and protects your system and your people from microbiological growth. it from --- damage and your building occupants from dangers like Legionella.
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Understand Your Closed-Loop Water System

Your facility’s closed system was designed to use water because it is available and efficient. In theory, this should be saving you money in lower energy and utility costs. But in reality, water-related problems rob you of these savings and compromise the reliability of your cooling. With the right help, preventing these problems is not hard.
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Improve Water Management at your facility in 5 easy steps

Save time and money. The most successful water management programs start with 5 primary tactics.

Know The 3 Problem Areas Affecting Closed-Loop System Water

Hot and Chilled Water
The mix of metals found in many hot or chilled loops create a challenge for standard water treatments. Our range of specialized closed-loop formulas deliver scale and bio-control while protecting multiple metals from corrosion.
Process Water
From our wide range of specialized formulas, we’ll help you find the right solution for your process application. When treated water is not an ideal option, we offer ready-to-use thermal fluids to keep your system running clean and efficient.
Glycol Freeze Protection
HOH can help you get your glycol application right, avoiding common pitfalls such as glycol excess or breakdown. Our Water Quality Engineers have extensive experience in maintaining stable freeze and corrosion protection throughout the cold weather months.

A Closed Water System Program That Works

While the risk of contamination is less in closed-loop systems vs. open, you should not neglect regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. Sludge build-up, scaling, and fouling can occur if you are not keeping a close eye on your equipment.

Having the right chemistry, control and regular service is important for maintaining the safety of your system. Our water treatment experts can develop a custom solution that works to prevent corrosion and freezing to extend the life of your equipment and protect your investment.

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The Right Chemistry
Chemical formulations and mechanical processes create water conditions that minimize corrosion and control microbiological growth.
The Right Control
Equipment controls ensure the right water conditions are consistently maintained for your systems to perform reliably and efficiently.
The Right Service
We are on-site regularly to report performance and detect potential problems that could impact your results.

We'll Come To You

When you schedule a site visit, we will walk through your facility to collect system data and water samples. Our lab will perform a detailed analysis and we’ll present you with a custom program that is guaranteed to get your water systems operating at maximum potential.
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