Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler Water Made Simple

Scale, corrosion, and condensate issues can drain your energy dollars but you don’t have to fight a losing battle. HOH can zero in on the right water chemistry for your conditions, helping you achieve consistent efficiencies without babysitting your boiler.

What’s At Stake For Your Facility?

Your steam boilers represent a significant investment – and savings potential – for your building. Like any workhorse system, they need care and attention if they’re going to perform as designed and outlive expectations.

Steam boilers take advantage of the natural properties of a readily available resource: water. In theory, this should lower your utility costs. But the reality is, certain water chemistries can do more damage than good, corroding, scaling and compromising your investment.

With a knowledgeable guide, preventing these problems is not hard. HOH has helped over 4,000 commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities with proven boiler water treatment programs that work.

Water treatment services capabilities sheet
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Steam Boiler Water That Works

HOH Water Quality Engineers bring a wealth of experience in managing steam boiler water. They’ll assess the current state of your system and source water and then put together a program that increases efficiency, decreases maintenance costs and downtime, and protects the life of your boilers.
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The Right Chemistry
HOH carries a full selection of treatment formulas designed for a wide variety of water chemistries and boiler conditions, most of them blended in our own plant. We’ll help you select the right mix for your unique needs, preventing scale and corrosion while conserving water and chemical.
The Right Control
Once we’ve identified the best treatment approach, we help you dial in the right chemical feed rates to ensure a consistent water chemistry. State-of-the-art equipment controls, including smart panels, make this an automated task and give you and your HOH Water Quality Engineer the ability to monitor performance remotely, 24/7.
The Right Service
An HOH professional is on-site regularly to test water quality, report performance and detect potential problems that could impact your results. Part of the HOH difference is how we treat each and every one of our customers – providing expert guidance and responsive service to make sure your steam boilers continue to operate at their fullest potential.

Your Next Step

All water is local and no two facilities are the same. When you schedule a site visit, we’ll walk through your facility to collect system data and water samples. Our lab will then perform a detailed analysis and we’ll present you with a custom boiler water program designed to maximize your system’s efficiency and life span.
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