Water Treatment Chemical Delivery

Corrosion inhibitors. Scale removal. Biocides. Glycol. Chlorine. Bromine. No matter how demanding your application or water chemistry, we can get you the blend you need, when you need it. Let us deliver the right chemical application to keep your systems performing at their best day-in and day-out.
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Worry-Free Chemical 
Resupply for Cooling Towers,
Steam Boilers, and Closed Water Loops

HOH provides fast, reliable, and safe delivery of water treatment chemicals directly to your point of use, including hands-free bulk delivery options.

Our WiFi-enabled smart controllers allow for remote monitoring of your chemical levels for 24/7 vigilance. When it’s time to refill, you can depend on us to deliver the highest quality chemical product from trusted treatment suppliers or blended in our own plant and monitored for quality in our in-house lab.

This means you'll never have to worry about:

  • Running low or running out
  • Handling dangerous chemicals yourselves
  • Storing hazardous materials in your mechanical room Introducing sub-par product into your systems
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Safety Assured
When it comes to delivering chemicals, safety is our top priority. All HOH Delivery Specialists are HAZMAT-trained and follow OSHA safety protocols. They know the chemical content of our many formulas and use industry best practices to transport and dispense. We take your safety seriously so you can manage your water and mechanical room with confidence.
Delivered Fast
Making sure you don't run out of chemicals is a basic requirement. At HOH, we have our own fleet of trucks and the shortest lead times in the industry. Our standard deliveries go out in three days, and during emergencies, we may be able to get you product in a day or less. Keeping you operating without interruption is our business.
Quality Guaranteed
Most of the formulas we deliver are blended in our own plant. Before any batch is released, it goes through a series of demanding quality control tests in our in-house lab, so you can rest assured that you're getting a high-performance product with every fill-up.

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Choose The Delivery Method That Works Best For You

We offer three different options for delivering your water treatment chemicals, ranging from simple drop-off to our full-service, hands-free bulk delivery.
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1. Dock Drop-off

We deliver your treatment chemicals in drums to your receiving dock and you take care of the transport to your boiler room, application of chemicals, and disposal of storage of drums.

2. Point-of-use Drop-off

We deliver your treatment chemicals in drums directly to your point-of-use, typically your boiler room, and you apply the chemicals and dispose of the drums.

3. Full-Service Bulk Delivery

One of our trained chemical handlers delivers your treatment directly to your point-of-use, pumps it from our drums into your tanks, then hauls away the empty drums (the most hands-free, risk-free method).

Water Treatment Expertise Since 1968

For more than fifty years we've been partnering with facility teams in almost every industry – from healthcare to manufacturing to commercial and beyond – delivering quality service, chemicals, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our mission is to make a lasting impact for our customers, helping them protect and extend the life of their HVAC and manufacturing systems while keeping them running at maximum efficiency. That's a mission we deliver on every day.

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It Starts With a Site Visit

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to send one of our experienced water treaters to your facility to collect system data and water samples. Our lab will then perform a detailed analysis and, based on our findings, we’ll present a custom plan designed to get your water systems operating at maximum potential.