Industrial Water Treatment Solutions That Work

HOH has helped facilities get the most out of their water-based cooling, heating, and process systems since 1968.

Our Services Help:

Building Owners
When it comes to water treatment, there are two options: it can be a never-ending cost of operation or
Facility Managers
With 100 things on your plate, you don’t need water worries. You need a water treatment partner that can simplify your life. At HOH, we offer customized, one-stop water care.
Mechanical Contractors
HOH works regularly with mechanical contractor partners, ensuring projects run smoothly and per water treatment specifications.

Save time. Save money.

Any knowledgeable facility manager will tell you that investing in a quality water treatment partner pays off, often to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars or more over time. Water conserved. Energy saved. System life extended. That’s what we deliver for our customers.

In the meantime, you can find out what experienced managers know about their water treatment investment in 5 Things Facilities Managers Get Right With Water Treatment.

Proud To Work With

Harley-Davidson relies on HOH Water Technology for their industrial water treatment chemicals
JLL trusts HOH Water Technology for industrial water treatment chemicals, water treatment testing, and water treatment system maintenance
Industrial water treatment for United Center provided by HOH Water Technology
Cargill trusts HOH Water Technology with their Industrial Water Treatment
Industrial Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment for Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan, provided by HOH Water Technology
Commercial water treatment, boiler water and cooling tower water for CBRE provided by HOH Water Technology
OSF Healthcare relies on HOH Water Technology for water treatment chemicals
Water treatment services for NorthShore University HealthSystems

How To Get Started

Take the next step to improving your water management program with help from our team of experts. We will work closely with you to develop a custom water treatment program plan to get your water systems operating at maximum potential.
We start by listening to your priorities and learning your facility specifics, gathering critical system and water data.
Then we provide you with a proposal showing how your water treatment program will work, what it will cost, and what kind of results you can expect.
Using key performance metrics, we demonstrate the impact your water treatment program is making on your cooling, heating, or process efficiency.

What’s My Investment?

Are you spending money on water treatment that isn’t lowering your utility costs? Are you replacing damaged equipment years earlier than expected? Is your plant’s production slowed down, or worse, shut down because of water-related failures? Are you paying thousands in municipal fees for wastewater discharge? Poor water treatment may already be costing you significantly. Adjusting your approach to water treatment can put an end to this waste.
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