New Construction

When your company is planning a construction project, don’t let water treatment become an afterthought. HOH’s New Construction services ensure the job gets done right the first time.

There are a million details to handle during construction projects, and water is often overlooked. Unfortunately, small oversights during construction become big and expensive water treatment problems in the long term for the building.

HOH takes a cradle-to-grave approach when it comes to water treatment. We prefer to be involved at the very outset of every building project so we can ensure the work gets done right the first time. Since our founding in 1968, we have served building owners, consulting engineers and mechanical contractors by installing water treatment systems that not only meet spec, but deliver long-term results.

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What We Offer

We understand how difficult it is to deliver a project both on-time and under-budget. We give you a cost that is competitive and don’t skimp on quality.
Equipment controls ensure the right water conditions are consistently maintained for your systems to perform reliably and efficiently.
If we’re awarded the bid, our New Construction team will see the job through to completion, ensuring your water using systems are running right from the beginning.

Your Next Step

When you know that your company is beginning to plan a construction project, let us know about the plans and specifications you’d like us to look at. We’ll assess and provide you a competitive cost, and if accepted, will deliver a comprehensive submittal that guarantees the water treatment will be right the first time.