Buying water treatment can be confusing.

With the right data and a proper understanding of how your water systems operate, we can show you what your investment in your water treatment program should be and what results you can expect in return.

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Every Water Treatment Program Has:


Chemical formulations create water conditions that prevent and minimize problems in your water systems.


Equipment controls ensure the right water conditions are consistently maintained for your systems to perform reliably and efficiently.


Service involves consistently reporting performance and detecting potential problems that could impact your results.

The Challenge

The goals of every water treatment program are to prevent shutdowns, control costs, and protect people and assets. Although you may be purchasing a combination of chemicals, equipment, and services, it is the proper application of these products to your water systems that accomplish these goals. We find that when we, 1) get all the data we need to accurately estimate the cost of the water treatment program, 2) provide clear options on how we can charge for chemicals, equipment and services, and 3) regularly review the value of the water treatment program with our customers, there is a good understanding of what they’re paying for and an increased level of trust in us as their water treatment partner.

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3 Simple Payment Options

1. A-la-carte

Chemicals, equipment, and services are quoted and purchased on an individual basis.

2. Bundled Services

On-site service and support is included in the price of chemicals and equipment purchased.

3. Full-Service Contract

All products and services necessary for keeping your systems running are in one contract price.

Your Next Step

Water treatment pricing does not have to be confusing. When you schedule a site visit, we will walk through your facility with you to collect system data and water samples. Our lab will then perform a detailed analysis and, based on our findings, we’ll present a custom plan guaranteed to get your water systems operating at maximum potential, and maximum value.

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